Aladdin Jr.

Paradise Canyon was buzzing with anticipation on our annual walk down to the Lanterman Auditorium, on Thursday, November 5, 2015 . In honoring our yearly tradition, the entire school, from our youngest kindergartners to our fifth graders, followed their teachers to enjoy the play that was to be performed by our school’s entire sixth grade class. Many months of preparation went into this year’s performance, as our drama teacher, Miss Katelyn, worked with the students to put together a production for the musical: Aladdin Jr.

As the students, parents, and staff took their seats inside the auditorium, the lights went dark and suddenly, we were all in Agrabah. The costumes were creatively made to replicate the characters in the original Disney movie, Aladdin. Students seamlessly performed their choreographed dance moves and sang beautifully; bringing the audience to the edge of their seats. The 6th grade students captivated the entire auditorium with their brilliant performance. Aladdin (Peter Terry) tapped into our emotions, as we all sympathized with his character: a poor beggar. He and his sidekick Abu (Kasey Koehler), live a tough life in the streets. Starting from Aladdin’s first encounter with the beautiful Princess Jasmine (Kyra Aitelli), he wishes for nothing more than a chance to make her fall in love with him. Through his journey of self discovery, and a lot of help from the charismatic genie (Sophia Mastras), Aladdin convinces the sultans (Clara Henriod & Soren Ryssdal), that even a street rat can be deserving of the princess’ love. Although Jafar (Miles Peters) goes to great lengths to separate their love, nothing can hold Aladdin and Jasmine back from exploring a “whole new world” together.

The sixth grade class put on an entertaining performance that ended in a burst of applause. The students and teachers returned to school in high spirits, all the while discussing the brilliance of the play, and humming the songs they had just heard. All in all, we had a blast! Thank you to all the sixth grade students and teachers for their hard work in making this production come to life, and the parents and the rest of the student body who came to support their hard work. Another job well done!