Collaboration Day Summary 9/25/15

Kindergarten: During the September Collaboration, the Kindergarten teachers met with the elementary school principals to discuss possible changes for the yearly Kindergarten Orientations in order to better meet the needs of the community, school district, and teachers. In addition, the Kindergarten teachers were trained on how to use the new ESGI computer assessment program, which will be used for this year's Kindergarten benchmark assessments. For the remainder of the day, the PCY Kindergarten teachers planned and prepared upcoming lessons for October.

1st grade: The first grade team met with the district Common Core TOSA to explore implementing Eureka math in our classrooms. The team also created and aligned assessments with the new program. Parent teacher conferences, homework policies, and second quarter curriculum was also discussed. 

2nd grade: The second grade team of teachers at PCY met with members of the district technology department for information and training for using iPads to further integrate technology standards with the curriculum. The team worked on updating and finalizing the English Language Arts and Math first quarter benchmark assessments. A discussion was held regarding the CAASPP results and data. Points from this discussion were recorded in responses on the district Protocol summary sheet.

3rd grade: The third grade team spent the afternoon analyzing their CAASPP data and collaborating on next steps for instructional goals and strategies based on their targeted curricular "claim" strands. In addition, the third grade cohort reviewed and revised their ELA and Mathematics common assessments for the first trimester grading period. 

4th grade: The fourth grade team analyzed the CAASPP data results and completed the district data analysis tool, focusing on next steps. The team also looked at various writing strategies and to better align resources to meet and/or exceed student needs based on CCSS.

5th grade: The 5th Grade teachers at PCY utilized the collaboration time to edit and review the fall math common assessment. Additionally, the teachers reviewed the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment Data Analysis Protocol - CAASPP scores from last year in Math and ELA to identify areas of strength and improvement. 

6th grade: PCY’s 6th grade team spent the September 25th collaboration day focusing on the upcoming core literature unit, reviewing the new math materials and number sense unit, reviewing the test results of last year’s CAASPP testing, and redesigning the calendar for Charlotte Doyle.