PCY Collaboration Day Summary September 30th, 2016

Kindergarten: The district's Kindergarten teachers met for the entire day.  They reviewed a new handwriting program, discussed the Kindergarten Task Force and homework practices.  The Kinder team reviewed the Next Generation Science Standards, along with a pacing guide.  Lastly, the Kindergarten teachers looked at three potential Language Arts programs for adoption.  They completed a rating sheet as a group and submitted it to the district adoption committee.

First Grade: Collaboration time first grade spent part of the day discussing assessments and upcoming fall projects. We then spent the other part of the day creating math toolkits for all of our students.

Second Grade: Collaboration time was spent meeting with 2nd grade teachers from the other LCUSD school sites to preview ELA (English/Language Arts) materials being considered for adoption.

Third Grade:  The third grade team spent the afternoon planning for the remainder of our first trimester period. We discussed our core literature story Because of Winn Dixie and planned out all of our projects, including the sequencing of them. We also discussed details of our culminating party for the story. In addition, we also talked about EDM and how we are implementing the curriculum in our classes, created a timeline for finishing Unit 2, and how to best use the resources for student engagement and success.

Fourth Grade:  PCY 4th grade teachers worked on finalizing our 2016-2017 year long pacing guide for ela, math, social studies, and science. Additionally, we spent some time sharing/discussing how we are implementing and managing the Everyday Mathematics games within our daily math instruction.

Fifth Grade:  PCY 5th grade teachers (math/science) looked closely at the  NGSS standards. They aligned activities and assessments for their unit. ELA teachers worked collaborated on a writing prompt for the first trimester and aligned it to the standards.

Sixth Grade: PCY 6th grade teachers met at the district office with the other 6th grade teachers from the district, along with the 7-8 science team. We discussed science planning, integration of physical, life, and earth sciences across grade levels and NGSS.