PCY Collaboration Day Summary November 18th, 2016

Kindergarten:  The Kindergarten team participates in full day collaboration five times during the school year.  Nov. 18th was not a collaboration day for Kinder teachers.

First Grade:  The first grade team went over our December themes and projects, discussed how Everyday Math is going. We also discussed our Common Assessment #2.

Second Grade:  The second grade team discussed language arts materials that are being considered for adoption next year by the district.  They also discussed math instructional pacing.

Third Grade:  The third grade spent the afternoon determining the components of our next EDM common assessment. We aligned our assessment to mirror those of our district counterparts. We also discussed review questions that we will be administering to the students. In addition to math, we also discussed plans for certain grade level functions over the course of the next month before the winter holidays. These plans included details for: 1) the Cabrillo Beach Museum field trip;  2) The Christmas Carol field trip; 3) and our Holiday Feast Party.

Fourth/Fifth Grade:  The fourth and fifth grade teams met to discuss the transition for students in relation to assignments, homework, tests, grading and classroom expectations.  The discussion was informative for both teams as they adjust their programs moving forward to help students become more independent as they progress in upper grades.

Sixth Grade:  The sixth grade team met to discuss our math program and updating our technique on teaching. We created math stations and put together math activities and games that we feel will greatly impact learning. 

ELD:  The elementary ELD teachers met with the director, Lindi Dreibelbis to finalize the reclassification criteria.  We invited Carrie Hetzel to provide more in-depth information regarding appropriate grade level cutpoints.  The finalized criteria will be presented to the elementary principals and the Board for approval.  They also discussed some successful iPad apps for newcomers.