Fifth Graders Collaborate with Chromebooks

Fifth grade students and teachers are just some of the lucky trailblazers who are involved in the launch of LCUSD’s first 1:1 Chromebook program. This year, all fifth grade students have the opportunity to bring their very own Chromebooks to use in class each day. These devices not only provide electronic resources for information but also allow students to develop proficient skills in technology, such as making slideshow presentations in Google Slides and writing essays in Google Docs.

In Mr. Hajek’s class, Chromebooks are changing how students engage in learning and are creating positive experiences in digital citizenship! After typing their essays on individual Chromebooks, his students share them directly and instantly with him for grading. Students can also share copies of their essays with their peers for additional feedback or collaboration.

During one of Mr. Hajek’s lessons, students took turns reading their essays aloud and participated in a group discussion to offer each other helpful tips to enhance the quality of their written work. Many students were eager to share their ideas.

As you can see, fifth grade students are busy unlocking new ways of learning in fun and innovative ways!