First Graders Explore with Rover!

It takes a big heart to teach little minds, and it can be agreed that PCY’s first grade teacher Mrs. Mora deserves kudos for the creative, entertaining lessons she comes up with for her students!

On January 29, she invited a parent volunteer who works at JPL to bring in a scale-sized model of the Rover, which is being used to explore and collect images and data on Mars. The students listened to the guest speaker’s presentation about Mars and space and then observed the Rover up close. After time was spent examining the model, giggles and laughs were shared as the Rover rolled over their bodies.


Students asked questions and learned about why the Rover was sent to Mars in the first place and what it is doing there now. Mrs. Mora commented, “It was a really fun time for the kids in our class!” The students definitely enjoyed the opportunity to engage with the model and learn in an interactive way.

As you can see, first grade is a time for students to get hands-on learning opportunities while exploring new concepts. Mrs. Mora is providing just that!