Ambassadors Help Others to Be Standup Students!

This year, PCY has an all new Ambassador Program, started by fourth grade teacher Ms. Mickey Block, to give 4th-6th grade students the opportunity to make a positive impact on their school’s campus. While It originally began as an anti-bullying program, it has evolved into much more than that.

The Ambassador Program currently consists of thirty hard working students, also called “positive leaders” by Ms. Block. To become an ambassador, interested students must first submit an application that will be carefully reviewed by multiple teachers, as well as consult with their homeroom teachers. After completing the process, the ambassadors are chosen!

Being an ambassador is a big responsibility. An ambassador’s main focus is to spread a positive influence throughout the school through leadership skills. This position takes hard work and dedication, as students give up much of their free time before school, after school, and during recess to get projects done.

Monitoring safe play and kindness on the playground is just one of their many important tasks.  Ambassadors can award “StandUp Coupons” to  students demonstrating great leadership and acts of kindness to others during recess time. Students who receive these coupons can redeem them for a prize from Ms. Block. 

Ambassadors also strive to protect the environment.  By starting bi­monthly campus clean­ups on Friday mornings to beautify their school, they are taking ownership of their learning environment and making their campus a cleaner place. To take it a step further, they are leading their peers in a school-wide recycling project at PCY.



First, they decorated multiple buckets for teachers to place in each classroom. These buckets are used to collect old items, no longer being used, such as markers, crayons, glue sticks, highlighters, batteries, and technology components.

Next, the ambassadors collect the buckets each month and separate the items based on the recycling sites where they will be taken.  Ms. Block and other PCY teachers have joined their efforts to ensure that the recycled items are sent to the correct locations.


This freshly revamped program has given PCY Ambassadors plenty of leadership opportunities to share in the  ownership of their learning environment. PCY looks forward to continuing this program in future years to help spread kindness and responsibility across campus.  

Great job, Ambassadors!