New Faces on Campus

The 2016/17 school year has brought some fresh faces to our campus. Please, give a warm welcome to PCY's newest faculty and staff!


Ashlin Anand         Technologist

Monique Dulac      Paraprofessional

Paulla Ewoldsen    Paraprofessional

Patricia Fink          Paraprofessional

Christine Kha        6th Grade Teacher

Asiya Hasan          Paraprofessional

Anya Lloyd            4th Grade Teacher    

Devin McCullin      Paraprofessional

Adriana Messina    1st Grade Teacher

Yvette Minjarez     Paraprofessional

Jimmy Myers         Music Teacher

Yolanda Sanchez   Paraprofessional

Sharon Sherman   Preschool Teacher

Erick Valdez          1st Grade Teacher