Collaboration Summary - February 16, 2017

Kindergarten: The Kindergarten team participates in full day collaboration five times during the school year.  February 16th was not a collaboration day for Kinder teachers.

1st grade:  

2nd grade: 

3rd grade: We met today to review the Unit 7 Assessment that will be given after the break. We also discussed our upcoming space research projects. Our team looked at  tentative dates for our Charlotte’s Web end of the year party. Rachel also updated us on the ELA meeting that was held the other day. We also looked at certain projects that we would like to complete before Open House.
4th grade:  

5th grade: The fifth grade team was in Valley Forge this week.

6th grade: We spent our afternoon collaborating with Carrie Hetzel about our upcoming career day. We also were able to meet with David Pasz to go over CAASPP Testing, which begins right when we return from spring break. 

We also spent our time discussing our end of the year activities which include our talent show, finals week, fun day, and open house. Our final math section was also discussed. We reviewed our tests and projects.